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No Class Today (Sick Kid)

Hi Class,

I just got a call from Isaiah’s daycare. He’s sick and I have to pick him up, which means I have to cancel today’s class. For those of you who do not yet have a copy of the textbook, this gives you extra time to do the reading, but I will also try to get a copy of the two pages up in our readings folder as well.

I will be posting your first writing assignment, the textual analysis, and the information sheet for the reading responses in the “Assignment Sheets” folder on Google Drive today. Since we cannot go over them in class, I will expect you to read them on your own. I will post another announcement when they are up. If you did not get the invitation to the Google Drive, please email me and I will resend the invitation. A copy of the syllabus is available both here on the website under “About the Course” and in our shared Google Drive folder.

On Tuesday, we will discuss your reflections (be sure to have them ready to turn in) and quickly review the textual analysis and reading response assignment sheets and I will answer any questions you have. We will also discuss your assigned reading by Dolmage, which I will post in the “Readings” folder. This reading is the basis for your first assignment, as well as your first reading response. Please check back here tomorrow for your week 2 homework assignments (I will typically post homework for the following week on Fridays.

Finally, although I am not usually on campus on Fridays, I will be here tomorrow. I will be hosting make up office hours from 1-3pm in my office, Heavilon G42 (unless Isaiah is still sick, but I will let you know). As always, I am available by email, or we can set up a time to talk via Google Hangout. Have a great weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.




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