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Updates and Reminders

  1. Many of you have already sent me links to your wordpress sites. If you have not done so, please send it as soon as you have a chance. If you have having trouble setting up your site, let me know and we can discuss it tomorrow in class.
  2. Because we had to play catch up yesterday and did not have as much time as planned to set up your sites, I am allowing a few extra hours for your first reading response. Your response posts will be due by 5:00pm. (You will want to check the time zone in your settings to make sure it does not post the wrong time for your posts. I can demonstrate this in class tomorrow as well if necessary.)
  3. You may review the summary notes from yesterday’s discussion in the “Activities and Discussion” folder on Google Drive.
  4. Please make sure to do the Hairston reading for tomorrow, and review the WCA reading from last week.
  5. Please bring a couple of possible texts for your first assignment to discuss (just have them written down or the titles in your head, you do not need to bring actual copies).

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