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Week 3 Homework

For Tuesday, January 24th

Read “What is an Essay” pp 21-23 in Writing and Community Action

Prepare a rough draft of your first assignment, the textual analysis. Remember, your draft should be at least 800 words and contain both an introduction and a conclusion. See the assignment sheet and rubric in the “Assignment Sheets” folder for more information.

Remember to submit your draft the the appropriate folder before class. We will be doing an online peer workshop through Google docs. If you prefer comments on a written document, please bring a hard copy with you to class.

For Thursday, January 26th

Revise your first assignment using feedback from Tuesday’s workshop. Submit the final draft online before the start of class. Please bring a hard copy to turn in, along with your workshop draft and guide.  Make sure all materials are paperclipped together.

Review the Disability Rights timeline posted online (GD- “Readings”- “Week 3”). You do not need to read each line word for word. I have highlighted key points/moments throughout the document.



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