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Reading Response Feedback/ Comments Please read entire post

I’ve finished reviewing your first reading responses and have some general feedback. Although I did not comment on individual responses this time, I will sometimes do this on future responses.

I was happy to see that some of you were willing to challenge some of Dolmage’s ideas. However, I’ll say that if you disagree with some or many of an author’s ideas or claims, please clearly state which ones and also why. Also, while any author may have ideas you view differently, please remember they, especially academic professionals, have done their research, and be careful not to assume you are more informed than they. That being said, their word is not the last on any issue. If you agree with the author(s), I would also like to know on which points and why. In general, I’d like you to go deeper rather than wider.

Many of you contributed your own examples to those offered by Dolmage, which I appreciated. I personally think some of his aren’t the most useful texts to examine for the points he wants to make. You also noted ongoing conversations around social justice and discrimination and how disability is and isn’t included. This has been improving in recent years, and any of you are interested, it is certainly something to consider for individual research projects. It may also become relevant for our community engagement work.

Overall I was pleased with the quality of your comments. A few of you emailed regarding the “awaiting moderation” status of your comments. It has been awhile since I used wordpress for this purpose and I forgot about that issue, but when the comments are moderated, they will show the time posted, not the time moderated. I simply waited to review comments for this reason. You can change your settings so that comments do not require moderation before being displayed.

A couple of students are still missing comments, either because they did not complete them or because they are still awaiting moderation. Please check your site to see if you have comments and approve them. I will show you how to change the settings in class tomorrow.

Please be prepared for workshop tomorrow (at least 800 words), and don’t forget the short reading from your textbook, also due tomorrow.


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