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Reading Response 3: Marshak et al.

As usual, your response should be posted by Thursday at 12:00 pm. Comments due Friday by 5:00 pm. Write a 50-100 word summary, and then a 100-150 word response. The entire post should be 200-250 words in total.


Marshak et al. provide insight from college students about their decisions to use or not use disability services, as well as challenges with using the services. What example(s) stood out most to you from the article and why? How might some of these examples be helpful for thinking through some of the more abstract concepts we’ve discussed so far such as microagressions, accessibility, medical and/vs social model, and various disability myths? Do any of the examples speak to or shed light on our previous discussions? Or, are any of the examples helpful for thinking about your current or future project (individual researched argument paper- free choice topic)?


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