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This Week!!! Please Read!!!1

Hi Class,

We will be having changes to our plan this week. I have a family emergency and cannot teach this week. You will have a sub, Mrs. Sherri Craig, for both Tuesday and Thursday.

We will be moving your presentations to next week, as it is not fair for you to be graded on them if they are not delivered to me directly.

For tomorrow, please still read the sample papers. You will spend time in your groups discussing and evaluating the papers. You also need to review the assignment rubric BEFORE CLASS  (available in “assignment sheets” folder). You may have some studio/work time at the end of the class, so bring whatever materials or information you need with you to work on your drafts.

For Thursday, you will still have in-class workshop. Please make sure you have three copies per group (or electronic access). If you know you will be gone, make sure your group still has third copy (again, or electronic access) for the third member of the other group.  You also need to print copies of the workshop/rubric and bring them with you. This will not be the sub’s responsibility.  As always, upload your drafts to the appropriate folder. I will be providing electronic feedback since I am not there to collect hard copies.

I have gotten behind on responding to reading responses and your annotations, and I am sorry. I will try to catch up on the annotations as soon as I can. Email me if you have questions about the annotated bibliography that were not addressed in the workshop feedback.

I am still available by email. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns. I expect to be back next Tuesday.


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