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Meeting with Raye Gipson

Hi Class,

I just wanted to send quick reminders about the meetings with Raye, and to let you know that the instructions for how to contact her and set up meetings are available in the Google Drive. Your new sub may decide to transfer materials over to Blackboard, but she does have access to our Google Drive as well. Hope all is going well.


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Resources/Next Assignment Sheet

Hi Class,

I found the argument resource I was looking for yesterday and couldn’t find. It is an overview of basic argument structure (thesis, reasons, evidence) and different types of evidence covered in the reading from yesterday. I also found a list of logical fallacy definitions developed by a previous class. Both are available in the “resources-writing” folder. I have uploaded the assignment sheet for your next assignment, the researched proposal and argument. The proposal component is due soon, so please take time to review the assignment sheet before class tomorrow. Show your sub you are well prepared! Thanks again for being awesome. Please do still feel free to contact me with questions/concerns.

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Catching Up/ Week 8 Homework

My apologies for the confusion of last week. I do plan to be back in class tomorrow. You will have comments on your drafts by the end of the day, which you can use to revise your drafts. I am pushing your final deadline (originally Thursday) back to Saturday by 11:59 pm, to adjust for all of the craziness and my delayed comments. You will submit online. I will print hard copies for myself.

We will be catching up on presentations this week. You will present whatever day your group was originally scheduled for last week. See below for detailed homework.

For Tuesday, February 28th

  • Prepare/review presentations (if scheduled to present)
  • Continue working on annotated bibliography and final report
  • Read “Arguing” from Norton Field Guide to Writing (GD)

For Thursday, March 2nd

  • Prepare/review presentations (if scheduled to present)
  • Continue working on annotated bibliography and final report
  • Read Driscoll’s “Introduction to Primary Research” (GD)


Submit final report and annotated bibliography by Saturday, March 4th at 11:59pm. You may submit earlier.

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This Week!!! Please Read!!!1

Hi Class,

We will be having changes to our plan this week. I have a family emergency and cannot teach this week. You will have a sub, Mrs. Sherri Craig, for both Tuesday and Thursday.

We will be moving your presentations to next week, as it is not fair for you to be graded on them if they are not delivered to me directly.

For tomorrow, please still read the sample papers. You will spend time in your groups discussing and evaluating the papers. You also need to review the assignment rubric BEFORE CLASS  (available in “assignment sheets” folder). You may have some studio/work time at the end of the class, so bring whatever materials or information you need with you to work on your drafts.

For Thursday, you will still have in-class workshop. Please make sure you have three copies per group (or electronic access). If you know you will be gone, make sure your group still has third copy (again, or electronic access) for the third member of the other group.  You also need to print copies of the workshop/rubric and bring them with you. This will not be the sub’s responsibility.  As always, upload your drafts to the appropriate folder. I will be providing electronic feedback since I am not there to collect hard copies.

I have gotten behind on responding to reading responses and your annotations, and I am sorry. I will try to catch up on the annotations as soon as I can. Email me if you have questions about the annotated bibliography that were not addressed in the workshop feedback.

I am still available by email. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns. I expect to be back next Tuesday.

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Presentation Schedule

I’ve misplaced my paper with the group numbers, so I am just listing names here. My apologies for the delay. Remember, presentations should be about 15 minutes long. See presentation guideline sheet for additional info.


  • Mike, Dylan, Ruby
  • Julia, Bailey, Ania
  • Dan, Zach, Vince



  • Adam, Chef, Daksh
  • Vanessa, Tatyana, Kaley
  • Brody, Pablo, Alec
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Reminders and Announcements from Today

  1. If you have not done so already, please upload your two annotations to the appropriate Google Drive folder.
  2. We will not be meeting regularly for class Thursday. Instead, you will have a work/research day. You may contact me via email.
  3. I would like all groups to meet with Raye Gipson of the DRC by the end of March. I will post instructions for how to set up a meeting in Google Drive.
  4. If you would like to join or contact the DRC Student Advisory Committee, please let me know.
  5. The Student Advisory Committee will be participating in a critical diversity summit on Saturday, February 25th from 10:00am-12:00pm in the PMU Ballroom. In the past, in exchange for attending events relevant to our class discussions, I have offered students ONE of the following:
    • Replace points for missing reading response
    • Remove 1 unexcused absence
    • Earn extra credit participation points

Students have to attend the event and then write a one-page response explaining what they learned or took away from the event. Responses should be turned in by Thursday, March 2nd.

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Proposal Feedback

My apologies for not getting comments to you yesterday as I said I was. I was unwell this weekend. I have read through all of the proposals and made comments and suggestions for your accessibility explorations. If you have not done so already, I strongly suggest you look at the materials I provided in the resources folder on Google drive, especially if you are looking at older buildings. If you have trouble finding sources, let me know. Last semester, students were able to find news articles, blueprints, and other materials on local buildings. Talking directly to employees or building manager people is also permitted.

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Writing Lab Workshop on Research Writing

Hi class,

As I mentioned in class during my Writing Lab overview, the Lab offers various workshops throughout the semester on topics related to writing and research. This coming Wednesday, the Lab will be hosting a workshop on research writing, which may be helpful to you for your next two projects (accessibility exploration and researched argument). The workshop is Wednesday, February 1st at 12:30 pm. I encourage all who can to attend.

Register here under “Workshops.” If you have never visited the Writing Lab for a workshop or tutoring session, you will have to set up your account. It does not take long at all.

Here is a flyer with more information and the dates and topics of other workshops happening this semester.  FYI, there is a workshop on  APA/MLA format on February 15th  (before your APA formatted reports are due).

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Updates and Reminders

  1. Many of you have already sent me links to your wordpress sites. If you have not done so, please send it as soon as you have a chance. If you have having trouble setting up your site, let me know and we can discuss it tomorrow in class.
  2. Because we had to play catch up yesterday and did not have as much time as planned to set up your sites, I am allowing a few extra hours for your first reading response. Your response posts will be due by 5:00pm. (You will want to check the time zone in your settings to make sure it does not post the wrong time for your posts. I can demonstrate this in class tomorrow as well if necessary.)
  3. You may review the summary notes from yesterday’s discussion in the “Activities and Discussion” folder on Google Drive.
  4. Please make sure to do the Hairston reading for tomorrow, and review the WCA reading from last week.
  5. Please bring a couple of possible texts for your first assignment to discuss (just have them written down or the titles in your head, you do not need to bring actual copies).