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Here is the video we watched in class today about DeafSpace. And, the accompanying article from

And, for funsies, here is the video I mentioned about bad doors.

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Accessible Amusement and Water Park

I learned about this new water park sometime last year. I just remembered it today and wanted to share a video and a link to the website. Morgan’s wonderland is an accessible amusement park. The water park, Inspiration Island, (not sure what to think about that name) opens this spring.

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Asperger’s Are Us Documentary

I mentioned on the first day of class that another¬†thing I want to do with this site is share things I come across about “disability in the world.” I’m constantly coming across articles and videos- good and bad, about disability and people with disabilities. Whenever I find something interesting, I’ll try to remember to share it with you. If you find something, please share it on your blog and/or send it to me to post here. The first thing I’m sharing this semester is a documentary from 2016 about a comedy troupe of men diagnosed with Asperger’s. They call themselves Asperger’s Are Us. I watched the documentary this weekend. It’s on Netflix and Youtube. Here is the trailer.