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Accessibility Exploration Feedback

So, I FINALLY finished commenting on all of the AE drafts, and I have some general feedback for all of the groups.

  1. Frameworks!  Not all of the drafts have a clear framework as requested. This could be just that you did not include that section in the draft, but think about this, identify and explain it early on in your draft, and use it as you assess the level of accessibility of your buildings. So, check the buildings against ADA standards, or check them against Andrade & Ely’s components of spatial accessibility, whatever you’re using.
  2. Research! Most of you have good background information about your buildings, but you also have research about accessibility in your annotated bibliography that should also be used to support your claims/assessment in your report. Your annotated bibliography is just an expanded works cited or reference list. It’s not just for funsies. Any sources cited there should be used in your paper. The sample papers I gave you model how to integrate sources, some better than others. Refer to them for examples of how to do this.
  3. Consistent voice! In some of the papers I can tell which there is a switch in authorship. Try getting together in person or over Google Hangout and reading the papers aloud. Or, go to the Writing Lab. In some of your majors you’ll do a lot of collaborative writing. Cohesive writing is a valuable skill to learn.
  4. Language! Some of the papers are making use of less preferable terms. There is debate about terms (e.g., people first), and in real life, a lot of times the best thing to do is ask. For our purposes, I have found a few lists of preferred terms and terms to avoid. These are not the final word, just a place to start so we can make sure we’re being mindful and consistent (this is one of the indicators of a different writer). It’s also just useful and interesting historical, cultural, and contextual information.
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Workshop Info

I wanted to clear up some questions regarding workshop/your drafts for tomorrow. Your drafts should be at least 1500 words. You may write more. Workshop will be most useful if you at least have sections of the methods, report of findings, and discussion of findings. The intro and conclusion are less important to receive peer feedback on, although, again, the more complete draft you bring, the better feedback you will receive.

Please remember to print the workshop guide and bring three copies of your projects per group. Submit your rough drafts online to the appropriate folder so that I can also provide  you feedback.

I am commenting on your annotations this morning. You can check for comments this afternoon. I apologize for any inconvenience this week. I have received good reports so far from the sub, so thank you for your patience and cooperation.




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Reminders and Announcements from Today

  1. If you have not done so already, please upload your two annotations to the appropriate Google Drive folder.
  2. We will not be meeting regularly for class Thursday. Instead, you will have a work/research day. You may contact me via email.
  3. I would like all groups to meet with Raye Gipson of the DRC by the end of March. I will post instructions for how to set up a meeting in Google Drive.
  4. If you would like to join or contact the DRC Student Advisory Committee, please let me know.
  5. The Student Advisory Committee will be participating in a critical diversity summit on Saturday, February 25th from 10:00am-12:00pm in the PMU Ballroom. In the past, in exchange for attending events relevant to our class discussions, I have offered students ONE of the following:
    • Replace points for missing reading response
    • Remove 1 unexcused absence
    • Earn extra credit participation points

Students have to attend the event and then write a one-page response explaining what they learned or took away from the event. Responses should be turned in by Thursday, March 2nd.

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Proposal Feedback

My apologies for not getting comments to you yesterday as I said I was. I was unwell this weekend. I have read through all of the proposals and made comments and suggestions for your accessibility explorations. If you have not done so already, I strongly suggest you look at the materials I provided in the resources folder on Google drive, especially if you are looking at older buildings. If you have trouble finding sources, let me know. Last semester, students were able to find news articles, blueprints, and other materials on local buildings. Talking directly to employees or building manager people is also permitted.

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Reading Response Feedback/ Comments Please read entire post

I’ve finished reviewing your first reading responses and have some general feedback. Although I did not comment on individual responses this time, I will sometimes do this on future responses.

I was happy to see that some of you were willing to challenge some of Dolmage’s ideas. However, I’ll say that if you disagree with some or many of an author’s ideas or claims, please clearly state which ones and also why. Also, while any author may have ideas you view differently, please remember they, especially academic professionals, have done their research, and be careful not to assume you are more informed than they. That being said, their word is not the last on any issue. If you agree with the author(s), I would also like to know on which points and why. In general, I’d like you to go deeper rather than wider.

Many of you contributed your own examples to those offered by Dolmage, which I appreciated. I personally think some of his aren’t the most useful texts to examine for the points he wants to make. You also noted ongoing conversations around social justice and discrimination and how disability is and isn’t included. This has been improving in recent years, and any of you are interested, it is certainly something to consider for individual research projects. It may also become relevant for our community engagement work.

Overall I was pleased with the quality of your comments. A few of you emailed regarding the “awaiting moderation” status of your comments. It has been awhile since I used wordpress for this purpose and I forgot about that issue, but when the comments are moderated, they will show the time posted, not the time moderated. I simply waited to review comments for this reason. You can change your settings so that comments do not require moderation before being displayed.

A couple of students are still missing comments, either because they did not complete them or because they are still awaiting moderation. Please check your site to see if you have comments and approve them. I will show you how to change the settings in class tomorrow.

Please be prepared for workshop tomorrow (at least 800 words), and don’t forget the short reading from your textbook, also due tomorrow.