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Meeting with Raye Gipson

Hi Class,

I just wanted to send quick reminders about the meetings with Raye, and to let you know that the instructions for how to contact her and set up meetings are available in the Google Drive. Your new sub may decide to transfer materials over to Blackboard, but she does have access to our Google Drive as well. Hope all is going well.


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Week 7 Homework

Prepare your presentations. Please see the presentation schedule to confirm which day your group is scheduled to present.  Please upload your ppt google slides presentation into the appropriate folder. I also recommend bringing the presentation on a flash drive as a back up.

For Tuesday, February 21st

  • Prepare and rehearse presentation (if you are scheduled to present)
  • Read over the three sample papers posted in the “Readings” folder. Make sure you read sample 3 closely. After presentations, we will use the remaining time to discuss the sample AE Reports.

For Thursday, February 23rd

  • Prepare and rehears presentation (if you are scheduled to present)
  • Complete and submit a rough draft of your report. Be sure to turn in online and bring four hard copies per group. This is one for each member of the group (for workshop), and one to turn in for instructor feedback.
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Reminders and Announcements from Today

  1. If you have not done so already, please upload your two annotations to the appropriate Google Drive folder.
  2. We will not be meeting regularly for class Thursday. Instead, you will have a work/research day. You may contact me via email.
  3. I would like all groups to meet with Raye Gipson of the DRC by the end of March. I will post instructions for how to set up a meeting in Google Drive.
  4. If you would like to join or contact the DRC Student Advisory Committee, please let me know.
  5. The Student Advisory Committee will be participating in a critical diversity summit on Saturday, February 25th from 10:00am-12:00pm in the PMU Ballroom. In the past, in exchange for attending events relevant to our class discussions, I have offered students ONE of the following:
    • Replace points for missing reading response
    • Remove 1 unexcused absence
    • Earn extra credit participation points

Students have to attend the event and then write a one-page response explaining what they learned or took away from the event. Responses should be turned in by Thursday, March 2nd.

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Week 6 Homework

Please remember to post reading response comments tonight by 5:00 pm!

For Tuesday, February 14th

  • Read Marshak et al, “Exploring Barriers to College Student Use of Disability Services and Accommodations” (GD).
  • Read first part of chapter 7, “Writing about the Community” WCA pp 273-78
  • Optional: Review sample annotations

Reminder- I will be bringing cookies today. I’ve already asked in class, but I want to double-check. If you have food allergies or other dietary restrictions, please let me know.

For Thursday, February 16th

Work/research day. You should spend this day visiting your locations, conducting library research, or working on your drafts. You might also consider scheduling a Writing Lab appointment. All three group members may attend, or just one person.

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Week 5 Homework

As I announced  in class yesterday, I am making some changes to homework for the next couple of weeks. We will be reading the Miserando piece first, and the Marshak et al. during week 6.

For Tuesday, February 7th

Read Miserando “Spoon Theory” from But You Don’t Look Sick (PDF available in GD).

Continue researching and working on your projects.


For Thursday, February 9th

Read pp 361-367 in the “Writing Reports and Proposals”

Complete second reading response by 12:00 pm.

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Week 4 Homework

For Tuesday, January 31st

Read Andrade & Ely, “Assessment Method of Accessibility Conditions” (GD)

Select buildings for AE project and begin working on proposal.


For Thursday, February 2nd

Read Pam Newall, “Building Regs Won’t Solve Accessibility Issues on Their Own” (GD)

Finish your proposal. Submit online to appropriate folder (one per group). Bring a hard copy to turn in (one per group).


Remember, our community partner from the DRC will be visiting us at the beginning of class Thursday, so please make sure to attend and be on time.


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Updates and reminders from yesterday’s workshop

Yesterday in class I made a few general comments regarding revisions for your essays. I have repeated them below for your convenience.

  1. If you are struggling to stay within the 1000-1200 word limit, you may go up to 1500 words. No more than 1500. There is value in learning how to limit yourself and prioritize information. EVERYONE please include a word count at the bottom of your paper.
  2. Be careful with the amount of summary for your selected text. Choose only the  parts most essential for understanding the text and setting up your analysis.
  3. If you find that more summary is necessary, try to combine summary in analysis. You might give a brief general summary, and provide additional summary as you connect the points to the analysis/ dolmage’s myths.
  4. Make sure you have a clear thesis statement. Some of you had one, but it was not clear. Some papers were missing one altogether, or only made an assertive claim halfway or towards the end of the paper. See the assignment sheet for a template syllabus.
  5. Please make sure you also discuss the significance of the representation you have discussed. You can do this throughout the analysis and/or in your conclusion, whatever is most appropriate for your paper.


Additional things:

  1. Please make sure your paper is double-spaced, at least the hardcopy you will turn in in class. I do not require a specific format until I teach it in class. As long as you include at least name and the date, that is fine (no student IDs).
  2. You will turn in your paper online to the appropriate folder. You will also bring a paper copy and any workshop materials with comments (print out if necessary). See course policy on syllabus for further instructions.
  3. Don’t forget to review the disability rights timeline posted in the readings folder. It’s long. Skimming is acceptable.


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Reading Response Feedback/ Comments Please read entire post

I’ve finished reviewing your first reading responses and have some general feedback. Although I did not comment on individual responses this time, I will sometimes do this on future responses.

I was happy to see that some of you were willing to challenge some of Dolmage’s ideas. However, I’ll say that if you disagree with some or many of an author’s ideas or claims, please clearly state which ones and also why. Also, while any author may have ideas you view differently, please remember they, especially academic professionals, have done their research, and be careful not to assume you are more informed than they. That being said, their word is not the last on any issue. If you agree with the author(s), I would also like to know on which points and why. In general, I’d like you to go deeper rather than wider.

Many of you contributed your own examples to those offered by Dolmage, which I appreciated. I personally think some of his aren’t the most useful texts to examine for the points he wants to make. You also noted ongoing conversations around social justice and discrimination and how disability is and isn’t included. This has been improving in recent years, and any of you are interested, it is certainly something to consider for individual research projects. It may also become relevant for our community engagement work.

Overall I was pleased with the quality of your comments. A few of you emailed regarding the “awaiting moderation” status of your comments. It has been awhile since I used wordpress for this purpose and I forgot about that issue, but when the comments are moderated, they will show the time posted, not the time moderated. I simply waited to review comments for this reason. You can change your settings so that comments do not require moderation before being displayed.

A couple of students are still missing comments, either because they did not complete them or because they are still awaiting moderation. Please check your site to see if you have comments and approve them. I will show you how to change the settings in class tomorrow.

Please be prepared for workshop tomorrow (at least 800 words), and don’t forget the short reading from your textbook, also due tomorrow.

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Updates and Reminders

  1. Many of you have already sent me links to your wordpress sites. If you have not done so, please send it as soon as you have a chance. If you have having trouble setting up your site, let me know and we can discuss it tomorrow in class.
  2. Because we had to play catch up yesterday and did not have as much time as planned to set up your sites, I am allowing a few extra hours for your first reading response. Your response posts will be due by 5:00pm. (You will want to check the time zone in your settings to make sure it does not post the wrong time for your posts. I can demonstrate this in class tomorrow as well if necessary.)
  3. You may review the summary notes from yesterday’s discussion in the “Activities and Discussion” folder on Google Drive.
  4. Please make sure to do the Hairston reading for tomorrow, and review the WCA reading from last week.
  5. Please bring a couple of possible texts for your first assignment to discuss (just have them written down or the titles in your head, you do not need to bring actual copies).