About Me

Hi students and other people,

My name is Talisha Haltiwanger Morrison. I am a Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric and Composition (subfield of English) at Purdue University. My primary areas of interests are:

  • Writing Center Studies
  • Community Literacy/Engagement and Service-Learning
  • Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

I also have an interest in disability studies, although my interest in disability is as personal as it is academic, as I have several family members with various conditions and disabilities, including my son, the cutest kid EVER, who is d/Deaf.

Here are some other things about me.

  • I LOVE Harry Potter (the series/world- the character is only meh). I’m a Ravenclaw.
  • Boy Meets World is my favorite show of all time.
  • I have a cat named Feeny (see above fun fact). She is the first and only cat I will ever own.
  • I have a beagle named Boomer (see below fun fact). Jury is still out on future beagles.
  • I am a huge Oklahoma Sooner fan.
  • I earned my bachelors in English- Writing from the University of Oklahoma.
  • I earned an M.A. in English- Rhetoric and Composition from Colorado State University.
  • I hate mushrooms, like really, really, hate. I won’t touch them with my bare skin.
  • I really enjoy talking to people about writing.
  • I talk to people about writing all the time- I am a writing teacher and tutor.
  • I sometimes talk to people about writing when I am not teaching or tutoring.
  • I absolutely geek out over people telling their stories. I think it’s incredibly powerful.
  • I love YA lit and I’m not ashamed.
  • I am the middle of five children.
  • I have a bunch of cousins and nieces with whom I am obsessed.
  • I have an amazing husband who is maybe a bigger nerd than I am.
  • I can’t wait to be DONE with grad school!