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Reading Response 1: Dolmage, “Disability Myths”

Post your response to the Dolmage chapter on your personal blog (we will take some time to set these up in class Tuesday).

Remember, your reading response should include a brief summary of the text’s thesis/ key point(s) as you understand it (50-100 words) and a response to the prompt (100-200 words). Response should be a total of 250-300 words.

Prompt (you do not have to address every question in your response):

What is your overall response to Dolmage’s review of disability myths? Do you think these myths are still prevalent in 2017, or have representations improved? Which myths stick out to you from films, books, tv shows, or other forms of media you’ve seen or read? Do you disagree with any of Dolmage’s points? (It is okay to disagree!)

Responses are due Thursday, January 19th by 5:00pm (extended from 12:00 noon). Comments due Friday, January 20th by 5:00pm.