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Reading Response 2: Miserando, “Spoon Theory”


Your reading response is due by 12:00 pm Thursday, February 9th. Post your summary, 50-100 words. The second part of your response should be a revised version of your in-class free-write from Tuesday. The prompt from the free write is posted below as a reminder.

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Prompt from class:

So far, we’ve been thinking about accessibility for disabilities as they are commonly understood, and we have expanded this to consider other populations such as the elderly, people with strollers, and those with temporary disabilities. Imagine accessibility and design for someone such as Miserando. What barriers may exist in your specific selected buildings or in general? What needs may chronically ill people have that you and/or your group have not considered yet? You do not have to be super specific, as you likely have not researched this, but use  Miserando’s account of her daily life, and other knowledge you may have (if any), as a starting point. If you are at a loss for what barriers may exist, use this free write as a time to pose questions about accessibility and accommodations for chronic illness. You may also make connections to the Andrade & Ely reading on accessibility and spatial orientation.